How Commercial Cleaners Help With Efficiency

If you’re a business that takes part in or specializes in manufacturing of goods, you’re always looking for tweaks and methods to improve your efficiency.

Every bit of inefficiency you can weed out of your processes can show up on your bottom line, particularly if you’re a large-scale company producing a number of products in your space.

At ProKleen, we’re here to tell you about one area that many manufacturers overlook when it comes to maximizing every ounce of their efficiency: A clean environment.

Our various office cleaning services can help your office be cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing, of course, but did you realize they can have a direct impact on various processes as well?

Using a manufacturing business as an example, let’s go over some of the primary ways a cleaning company like ours can help improve your business’s efficiency.


No matter what you’re making or helping clients with in your office or manufacturing space, having a clean environment is a big factor in keeping everything safe.

Workers who are even the slightest bit unsafe, such as at risk for slips and falls, will not be able to perform their duties properly due to these risks, and worse yet, any employee who is actually injured or otherwise compromised due to an unsafe environment can create major issues for businesses – from lost productivity to worker’s compensation time and more.

Clean spaces, however, may prevent this kind of risk from being present to begin with. Our janitorial services often bring you a new perspective on your safety programs, helping you consider new and more practical ways to keep everyone safe while maximizing your efficiency.

To help stick with production and work schedules, a good office cleaner can contribute more than you might think.


A key to any manufacturing business is looking at your various systems and figuring out ways to make them more efficient and streamlined.

One great way of doing this is by working with a commercial cleaning company that takes this same approach – at ProKleen, we’re constantly in search of upgrades and refinements to our cleaning processes.

We bring this same approach to your space, and you’d be surprised how contagious it is.

Machine Quality

One of the most direct practical benefits of cleaning for manufacturing spaces: Clean machines and equipment work better than dirty ones.

Even if we aren’t directly cleaning your machinery, removing things like dust and contaminants from the space can go a long way to keeping equipment functioning at peak capacity.

Every little advantage you can find in terms of production output is vital, and this is an area your competition might not be prioritizing.

For more on how cleaning companies help your business’s efficiency, or to learn about any of our commercial cleaning services, speak to the pros at ProKleen today.